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Obituary: Archie J. Hoagland

Archie J. HoaglandBorn June 25, 1932 in Nebraska City, NE Archie was the youngest of three. Surrounded by family Arch passed peacefully on July 3, 2016.

A proud veteran of the US Navy, who served during the Korean War, and a successful business owner in Port Angeles, WA for 30 years before retiring to Green Valley AZ.

Arch remained active in retirement, engaging in many artistic endevors which include being a published author of poetry, short stories and two novels as well as an active member of the Society of Southwestern Authors.

Arch is survived by his wife… Continue reading


What is time? Actually, I don’t believe we have the words to truly explain time. Of course, we have words that more or less describe various lengths of time. Words such as minutes, hours and days, etc. People often think of time passing and divide it into three separate parts: Future, present and past. If asked, many would think of tomorrow, today and yesterday. Future, present and past. That would be wrong; as wrong as believing anyone could travel into past happenings in time. Travel to the past is impossible because it allows one to gain information for free. Consider… Continue reading

Welcome Pilgrim

Out of the prevailing fog, my appearance is felt more than seen.  When you landed on this island of historical fiction and fact, it was my belief you sought some sort of entertainment. The kind you seek does exist within my power to offer, for I have significant knowledge of the things which entice you to appear in my realm. Pilgrim, you are caught in the snare of a mysterious power that can bond stronger then case-steel, yet be weak as a spider’s web. Regardless of your reason, it is of little importance to such as me. All who… Continue reading

The Ro’Tras World

Your first question would be, ‘What is Ro’Tras?’ The answer is quite simple.  Ro’Tras is everything. The entire kit and caboodle, the whole enchilada, including the complete ball of wax. It contains the three dimensions that govern the lives of humanity, as well as a fourth dimension.

How does one pronounce the name, Ro’Tras? The English pronunciation is voiced in this manner: Row’Truss, with the emphasis on the ‘Tra’ segment of the word, ending with a hiss. Where did the name come from? The connotation of this name is lost in the antiquities of history, regarding… Continue reading

A Haunting Melody

We, (my wife, Jean, and I) have been watching the re-run of the Outlander series on the Stars Television Network. We had read all the novels and watched the original running of the series. We considered it one of the finest films ever made for public consumption.  The haunting theme of the series is named, The Skye Boat Song, and sticks in my brain like it was affixed at birth. The melody of this timeworn, traditional Scottish refrain, was actually written and played to express an account of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s defeat in 1746, at the battlefield of… Continue reading

Wishes, horses, beggars, et cetera

Dear Friends, if wishes were horses, then, beggars could ride, but alas, there are no wishes, only wishful thinking. Beggars will remain walking and some folks will keep wishing, writers will write, singers will sing and so on.  Speaking of wishes, which are only fantasy, it reminds me since I finished my second novel of Crime/Fiction, I have been writing poetry again. I have written poetry most of my life so it is perhaps a form of therapy for me. I always write in meter and rhyme because that is the form of poetry I enjoy… Continue reading

After The Novels

Good Day to you and to all those who may chance upon these words.  

I have completed two Crime/Fiction genre novels over the past three years and published them. It was something on the bucket list that I can now cross off.  I may write another novel or two but at this time I am finishing up the Texas Drifter series of stories.  It is my intent to have twelve of them written prior to seeing about getting them published.  I would like a series in a Western Magazine.  The plot of the… Continue reading

The Cruise

Hello Folks,

This blog begins on the first day of February, 2016.  My plan was to take the month of January off from blogging. My wife, Jean, and I departed on January 2nd, taking a flight from Tucson to San Diego, where we boarded the Holland American Cruise ship, Veendam. The vessel got underway at 4:00 p.m. We watched San Diego fade away as the ship headed outbound, past Point Loma into the blue PacMules
ific.    We cruised south along the western coast of Mexico as we dined on a gourmet dinner and met our six… Continue reading

The End of The Book

Greetings and salutations of  the season,

Turkey day has come and gone, the Yule season is upon us and soon we will celebrate the arrival of the new year.  To those souls who read this blog I wish you and yours a Very Happy  Holiday season and a healthy and profitable New Year.

The Aztec Connection novel is finished and printed. It will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and most book stores plus as an eBook. I have posted a sign-up place here on the blog website and if you simply sign up you will… Continue reading

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 of The Aztec Connection, which is a sequel novel to The Mystery of Sorrows (A ‘Barkow’ book) begins with the following:

Inside the building, Frankie took the bartender into his office to question him.

“So this guy comes in and roughs you up.  What did he look like?“

“Like one pissed-off dude.”


In this chapter, Barkow goes to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and finds the Bahamas Beauty Nightclub. The reader now becomes reacquainted with one old adversary Barkow had left for dead  in the original novel, The Mystery of Sorrows,… Continue reading

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